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Tuan Ahmad Ghaznawi Ghazali

Sir Ahmad Ghaznawi Ghazali

Tuan Ahmad Ghaznawi Ghazali, or Sir Ghaznawi as we call him.  is a seasoned scholar in the sector of FinTech for over 25 years now. Sir Ghaznawi took up the Bachelor in Business Administration Degree with a major in Marketing from the University of Miami, Florida USA, in 1995 - 1997. Sir Ghaznawi later went on to undertake the role of a Marketing Executive for Cyberjaya Resident Project M.K Land (1999 - 2002).


Sir Ghaznawi began his journey to becoming an elite leader in the FinTech industry, by winning the Crypto Award in 2016 in (Mallorca Spain). Sir Ghaznawi did not stop there, he kept on winning the Crypto Award in 2017 (London UK), the  Crypto Award Achiever 2017 in (Frankfurt Germany), the Crypto Award 2018 in (Tokyo Japan), the Crypto Award 2019 in ( Seoul Korea) and finally the Crypto Award achiever in 2021 in (Dubai U.A.E). 

Tuan K. Tharma ji

Mr. K. Tharma Ji

Sir K Tharma Ji, is a profound member of the Blockchain,  Crypto Currency and Decentralized Finance in Malaysia. Sir K. THarma Ji, started his journey with a Diploma in Business Studies, where he spent 10 years in the banking finance sector. He later moved up his academic line with a Degree in Business Administration. There he spent another 25 years as a Marketing evangelist forged his name in the industry. But as he kept up with the advent of technologies in the financial sector, Sir K Tharma Ji, took up a Diploma in Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and CryptoAsset Management. Here, he founded the UMDC, as an Analyst, a Trader, a Moderator, a Trainer, a Speaker, a Hodler, and a Researcher all, at once. Through each foundation, Sir K Tharma had evolved into an ambassador of each of the portfolios he ventured into. The Ponthen Blockchain, the Unit  Blockchain, the Aurora  Blockchain, the Inery  Blockchain and the Near  Blockchain.

Dr. (EM) Afendi Baharudin

Dr. (EM) Afendi Baharudin

Dr. (EM) Afendi Baharudin is an experienced financial professional with almost 20 years in both foreign exchange and cryptocurrency trading and market analysis. Skilled public speaker, effective leader, and adept at research. Conducted and taught fundamental basics of the cryptocurrency market and trading to over-successful students, fostering education awareness. Extensive background in forex, commodities, and gold trading. Committed to driving success in the dynamic cryptocurrency landscape.

Pioneered and formulated innovative M.A.U practical trading techniques for cryptocurrency through comprehensive market research, resulting in successful trading strategies. Demonstrated global involvement in the Blockchain technology field by actively participating in multiple international events held in prominent locations such as Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, and Japan.

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