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Program Structure
Duration: 12 Months (Max)
Mode Of Study: Face-To-Face
                          Online Tutorial
                          Self Study
Assessment: Theory & Practical
Certificate Of Completion
Part 1:
6 Core Units - 36 Credits

— Intro to Cryptography & Blockchain
— Blockchain Ecosystem
— Centralized & Decentralized Finance
— Smart Contract, Security & Privacy
— Cryptocurrency Regulations & Global Perspective
— Market Analysis & Practical Trading
Part 2:
Final Project - 12 Credits

Part 3:
Viva (Oral) Examination- 12 Credits
— Affordable Fees
— Class Frequency (One a month)
— 6 Hours Class on Saturdays X 6 Months
— Accredited Program (By LEB & ACP)
— Worldwide Recognition (Commonwealth Countries)
— Academic Pathway: MBA — PhD
This Program is designed by: 
Entry Requirements
— Level 3 Certificate Holder in any field of study
— Applicants must be aged 21 years old and above,
    for those without any qualifications or working experience.
Program Learning Outcome

At the end of the program, the student will be able to:

— Understand the Blockchain framework according to the industry's best practices.
— Understand the infrastructure and architecture of decentralized finance and be able to assess the opportunities within
—   Understand the concept of Smart Contracting, the skills required for talent development programs, and an in-depth understanding of how Smart Contracts are implemented.
— Understand how to ensure investors and business organizations comply with certain standards and regulations imposed by regulators and how to curb financial fraudsters and cybercrime.
— Understand in-depth knowledge of the cryptocurrency market and be able to provide updates on the late financial trends.
Accredited By:
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